The Condominium maintains the flower beds at the entrance signs and the triangle.  There are perennials planted for easy maintenance, as well as annuals that are planted each year for beautiful colour. 

There is also weed maintenance done on the walking trails and care of the trees along the trail. 


Garbage is collected by GFL weekly during the summer and bi-weekly during the winter. We are on the South Shore garbage collection schedule. 

Garbage Schedule

Lakedell Transfer Station is the nearest landfill.  Owners may go to the County of Wetaskiwin Office (780) 352-3321, to get a card to use at the transfer site, located 1/2 mile North of Lakedell School, or bring a copy of your tax notice to the transfer station.
If you are building, it is your responsibility to keep the construction site clean. Construction waste may be taken to the Lakedell transfer site. It is also strongly recommended to get your own garbage bin, to help ensure construction debris does not blow away or cause dangerous conditions. Crossroads Waste Management: (780) 361-8427 has bins available.


The common property is mowed weekly from approx. May - Sept. 

Bare Lots Weed and Grass Maintenance

At the Annual General Meeting held on April 30, 2011, the bare lot weed maintenance was discussed, and it was decided that the bare lots would be maintained out of the general condominium funds. This will help to keep a maintained look to the Harbour, reduce weed spreading, and have less wear and tear on equipment because the grass will be mowed before it gets too high.


The road is 1 1/2 km of paved hot mix.  The Condominium Corporation is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of this road (with the exception of undue care and negligence by contractors / owners). 

Snow cleaning during the winter months, and street sweeping during the summer months are also services provided by the Condominium.


Please note that the entrance speed is 30 km / hr, and the speed around the harbour is 20 km / hr.


Each home is connected to a sewer line, and we have one main pump-out station.  A contractor trucks the sewage to the Mulhurst lagoon.
Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the holding tank and lines on their property.


The Condominium Corporation manages the water distribution system at Sunset Harbour. Five days / week the chlorine levels are tested to ensure water safety. 

Once a week, the water is sent to the Provincial laboratory for a detailed analysis. The weekly tests need to be done at different points along the system - this means that our technician needs to access an inside water tap on completed homes.
The County of Wetaskiwin has been contracted to maintain the water system, including testing of the water. 


You can get a landline from Telus: Along with your unit #, let them know you are from the MaMeO Beach area. The legal address of Sunset is: SW 12 - 47 - 02 - West of the 5th Merdian. There will be a $560 installation fee.

Rural Addressing

The County of Wetaskiwin has implemented rural addressing, to maintain consistency for emergency services so they can find and readily identify the address.  Every address in Sunset Harbour is the same, with the exception of the first three numbers.  Now, use the first 3 numbers as your house number.  This rural address is what you would need to use when calling 9-1-1.

An example address for Unit 32 would be:

Hwy 771

Map of rural addresses


If you wish to receive mail at the Harbour, you need to contact the Westerose Post-Office: (780) 586-3860 (or talk to the mail delivery person) to get a key for your box.  Your address would be:

Unit #_______ Sunset Harbour
R.R. #1
Westerose, AB
T0C 2V0


Fire trucks can hook up to the outside of the pumphouse.  The nearest firehall is ~ 9 miles away (near the Village at Pigeon Lake).