In addition to the review and approval requirements of the County of Wetaskiwin, the Condominium Corporation No. 0122324 (“the Condo”) has established a prior supplementary design review process to ensure that the completed residence conforms with the Architectural Controls.
A Development Application Checklist will be followed for all approvals, and all steps in the approval process will be coordinated through Ray Jacobsen. For any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact:
          Name:             Ray Jacobsen
Company:       Windward Landtec, Architectural Controls and Services
Ph:                  (780) 454-6799
Fax:                (780) 454-6896
As noted in the checklist, please be advised that you may informally submit conceptual drawings to the Corporation at any time prior to submitting formal plans. The Board is strongly advising strict adherence to the Architectural Controls, as this will help to protect everyone’s property enjoyment and investment.
Below are documents that are needed to start the application process:

Additional sources of information:

Sample House Plans:


When choosing a colour for siding, you may choose from the following:


Did You Know...

  1. All plumbing fixtures must comply with R2000 building standards to limit waste discharge:
    Toilets: Water-saver or ultra-low flush units using 6 litres/flush (1.3 imp. gal./flush) or less

    Showers: Low-flow showerheads using 9.8 litres/min (2.2 imp. gal./min) or less when tested at 551 kPa (80 psi)
    Faucets: Lavatory and kitchen faucets using 8.3 litres/min (1.8 imp. gal./min) or less when tested at 413 kPa (60 psi)
    Further information regarding R2000 standards can be found at:
    “R-2000 promotes cost-effective energy efficiency and environmental responsibility”
  2. If you are building, it is your responsibility to keep the construction site clean. Construction waste may be taken to the Lakedell transfer site. It is also strongly recommended to get your own garbage bin while building, to help ensure construction debris does not blow away or cause dangerous conditions. Crossroads Waste Management: (780) 361-8427 has bins available.

    Also, please remember while building to keep the road in front of your lot broom-clean and keep any catch basin in front of the lot clear of debris and in working order at all times.  

    Clay from gravel trucks will not be cleaned up by the condominium association - it is the responsibility of the builders to keep the roads clean and swept.

    Any landscaping dirt should be kept on your own property, NOT onto empty neighbouring properties.

    Owners are reminded that repair of damaged services and any cleaning will be at your cost, and a $500 fee will be charged if you receive a notice to clean your site, and it is not done within the time period specified. 

  3. All vehicles that have steel cleats must have protection on common roads.  Please notify your contractors that they cannot have steel cleated equipment on roads.  Some possible alternatives:
    · Put equipment on trailers before moving
    · Throw used tires under the steel treads as the vehicle moves forward. Then pick up the tires after the tracks go over them and throw them back under the front of the tread; Continue until the machine is finished moving.
  4. All landscaping is the responsibility of the unit owners subject to the guidelines imposed.   
    Please be aware that if you choose to do any work that damages the rock bank, such as putting sand at the waters edge and it washes into the harbour - it is your responsibility to fix any resulting problems. The rocks are at waters edge to prevent erosion.
    ANY work done in the lake requires approval from Fisheries and Oceans.
  5. Sewer Levy: For new developments in the south side watershed, the County of Wetaskiwin has instituted a sewer levy ($2034). The funds are being set aside for a future sewage system. This could possibly include the expansion of the lagoon at Mulhurst, or a sewer line going by Sunset (which has not yet been approved).

    The lagoon that our sewage is dumped into is the Mulhurst lagoon. When the lagoon was created, they also put in a dumping station, which the current residents did not need, as they are on a sewer line. The lagoon suits the current residents’ need, so a sewer levy is being charged on new development, as more demand will be put on the system with a greater population.