Development Contacts

Contact List When Building

The following list of contractors has been compiled for your convenience from past local contractors that have worked at Sunset Harbour.  Please note that the Condominium Association in no way endorses certain contractors over others, and you may also choose from outside this list.


G & C Design – George Chrunik
5007 51 Avenue, Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 0T9
Phone: (780) 352-9775


Graphtec Design Ltd - Ed
16508 111 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 3V8
Phone: (780) 451-4384



     County of Wetaskiwin
Phone: (780) 352-3321


BUILDING PERMITS(electrical, gas, plumbing…)
     Alberta Permit Pro
#204, 9636 - 51 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6A5
Phone: (780) 455-6363 OR 1-800-461-8706
Fax: (780) 447-2373 OR 1-800-292-6754



(Find pins, stake-out house, create real property reports) 
Baseline Geomatics – Kevin Laiss
Phone: 542-5252



Lake View Retreats Development - Len Hudzinski
Phone: 542-4082 or 1-866-432-8565
(Builders and Project Management)


Lake Ram Construction - Mel Bilsky                                                                        
Phone: 586-2727

G&N Construction - Grant Johnson
Phone: 789-2210

Harris Construction - Kelly Harris
Phone: 586-3545


The builder usually has his own subtrades that work for him (plumber elect.)

Kevin Leohardt
(lives next door, handy in emergency)


Magnum Mechanical - Bruce Ganske
Phone: 352-8542


Cobra plumbing
Phone: 352-6742


Phil Crough & Son
Phone: 387-5478    
(tank installer)



ID Electric
Phone: (780) 902-3779