Governance of the Condominium Association

The Condominium of Sunset Harbour is governed by an elected board of directors, in accordance with Condominium By-Laws. Board members are volunteers who give of their time in order to improve the quality of life for residents within the community. Board members serve a maximum 15 month term between elections, held at Annual General Meetings.

The Board is responsible for managing the finances of the corporation, defining and contracting vendors to deliver services (such as snow clearing), and the maintenance of all common property. To assist in this task, the Corporation employs a management consultant, Anne Donovan, who addresses the day to day financial and operational duties of the Corporation.

The board meets as necessary in order to address resident issues, and manage the business of the corporation.

Each board member follows the attached Conflict of Interest Policy.

Current Board Members

Howard Blair

Victor Rites

Pat Donovan

Larry Trach

Dennis Ward

You can contact the board via email:

Bylaws of the Corporation

Please view the bylaw section on the left-hand side of the page for the full bylaws.

Animals: A dog or cat is not allowed to be at large (i.e. is not on a leash or being carried) on any Common Property;

Motor Vehicles: Speed limit is 30 km / hr on the entrance road, and 20 km / hr in the harbour (once you pass the triangle).

No motor vehicle (including snowmobiles and motorbikes) shall be driven on any part of the Parcel other than on a roadway, driveway or parking space;

Motor equipped bike drivers shall follow standard licensing regulations